Saturday, June 7, 2008

oops, interruption

Medley of Missed Connections

Missed connection with sleep
your phone is disconnected!
You sang on my voicemail,
and I’m your # 1 Fan.

We spoke. My necklace got caught on your jacket.
In the green sweater, next to me at the library.

Starbucks Barnes & Noble Union Square
Uptown N Train, Central Park

On the 4:55am train from Penn to Babylon
to Bay Ridge Ave
to 125th
at the diner on 9th

To my Saturday morning Angel.
Saw you at Tea Lounge this morning.
they call you princess.
re: I am in love with you.

a. tocchi

Yeah, it's my own. I wrote it about a year ago, and I'm still kind of proud of it. Lame.. whatever. All the words are taken from subject lines of NYC Missed Connection posts on Craigslist.


theartofreading said...

I love this.

meryl333 said...

Not at all lame. What a wonderful idea to create poetry out of those lines. I love it.

impetous said...

that's lovely. reminds me of "sprawl," by rob fitterman; similar concept but two entirely different subjects.