Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Extensions on the Sovereignty of Science


The hardest work of the last quarter of the twentieth century is to find   
An edge in the middle. When something explodes, for example,

Nobody is confused about what to do—you look toward it.
Loud is a magnet. But the laws of magnetism are more complex.

One might just as well try this: When something explodes,   
Turn exactly opposite from it and see what there is to see.

The loud will take care of itself, and everyone will be able to say   
What happened in that direction. But who is looking

The other way? Nature, that magician and author of loud sounds,   
Zookeeper and cook, electrician and provocateur—

Maybe these events are Nature’s sleight of hand, and the real   
Thing that’s happening is in the other hand,

Or behind or above or below or inside us. 
 Alberto Ríos

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